How does online teaching work?

ABT online Karate lessons are designed to give you the luxury of your very own one to one Karate instructor in the privacy of your own home, or anywhere you may be. You can learn all the content you will need to achieve your black belt!.

There are 10 kyu grades(belts) for you to complete to reach Black Belt. After you complete each one you will receive a certification for that grade/belt via email for your records. Here are the basic, 3 stages of learning with ABT online Karate.

Watch – You will be sent easy to follow videos for you to watch, replay and refer to and begin to understand the basic movements, terminologies and techniques in Wado Ryu Karate.

Practice – Repetition is the key to learning Karate. This is where you can slowly familiarize and perfect the techniques that you will be issued. You also will get 24/7 email support from myself, additional FREE material and content as you develop!.

Grade – This could not be simpler….Video yourself demonstrating the various techniques, Kata etc that you have been taught and have been perfecting…send it to us, we will approve it and send you for certificate for that belt/grade. No pressure to be in front of a panel, feel judged or intimidated…you are ready when you are ready!…

So once you have completed your FREE first Karate belt(Red Belt) Its a simple process once again. Purchase the next belt who need to complete in the shop tab at the top right of the site, and we will get the content sent out to you within 24 hours so you can continue your learning and development straight away!

So in summary with ABT Karate online you will get

. All teaching videos for each belt/grade

. 24/7 support

Additional FREE materials and Video content including the History of Wado Ryu Karate when you join along with your welcome pack

. No contract or hidden fees

So why not go to Contacts page, enter your email address and receive your FREE first content for FREE!. “Try before you Buy!”


Note: Please understand that the kyus(belts) go in reverse order(e.g 9th Kyu, 8th Kyu, 7th Kyu etc). You purchase each Instruction video in order and are assessed and awarded your belts in kyu order. You cannot jump straight ahead to Black Belt syllabus without completing all other grades first. You need to have completed all modules to attain your Black Belt qualification.

No refunds will be given once the content has been sent and received.